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Gluten is a protein molecule commonly found in grains like rye, wheat, and barley. It is found in almost every variety of bread, cereal, or grain. Most types of bread contain this protein. People who prefer to avoid gluten fall in two categories–either they’re allergic (this is known as Celiac disease) or because they believe it will lead to health problems. Problem is that so many people are allergic against gluten and they don´t even know it!

Why Gluten is bad for you:

1. Gluten does even sound like glue for a reason – Gluten is mainly found in wheat products like bread. Have you noticed that when you put the bread in your mouth it acts like glue as you chew as its very sticky, Imagine what it’s doing to your stomach here and especially to your colon. It’s totally clogging up your colon, hinders a free flow in your gut where you could just extract food naturally, slowing down your digestive system, supports constipation and it sticks to your gut walls like glue so overall its quite dangerous for you.

2. Gluten contains gut irritating lectins and mineral binding phytates – Gluten is binding up the minerals which you consume through other foods not of course from the bread that you’re eating. It binds them and prevents your body from absorbing and extracting it from the food to absorb it into your system so wheat in Gluten prevents the absorption of very important minerals for your body.

3. Opioid peptides found in wheat- This is the drug which you would usually find in morphine & other really heavily addictive drugs and that’s why some people say if you try to stay away from bread as wheat and gluten is an heavily addictive substance which is not good and forces you to eat more than you usually would so this is highly dangerous for you.

4. Gluten causes gut inflammation – 80% of people create antibodies against the protein that is extracted out of the gluten out of the wheat. So the overwhelming part of the population consuming wheat in Gluten is allergic to this. This weakens and slows down your immune system.

5. Antibodies – Your body is manifesting & creating antibodies against the gluten protein. These are shown and proven to attack heart tissues which relates to heart diseases as it attacks your heart and causes many related problems.

6. Gluten can support building cancer cells – Gluten has been strongly associated with creating cancer cells (especially with people suffering from celiac disease), many case studies prove that. So even if it’s not directly causing cancer it’s providing the foundation for cancer cells to build in your system which clogs up your system, demineralizing and just hindering your body from absorbing minerals in the best way. You weaken your immune system and you are more likely to generate cancer if you eat a lot of pasta and bread every day.

7. Wheat Germ Agglutinin – This, when produced at an abnormal rate, demineralizes and causes Vitamin D stores to deplete abnormally fast leading to Vitamin D deficiency with accompaning issues like weakening of the bones, a weakened immune system and a vulnerability to infectious diseases and bacterial attacks. Gluten has also been associated with Schizophrenia as a possible cause or at least as a promoter of the disease. Schizophrenics often see their symptoms reduce a lot when wheat is removed from their diet. Since Gliadin, the main problem causing Gluten protein can be similar in structure to other proteins found in tissues of such organs such as the thyroid or the pancreas; antibodies against Gliadin can end up attacking those organs and ultimately cause autoimmune diseases like hypothyroidism and type 1 Diabetes.